Franca Vulinovic, Daniel Alvarez-Fischer, Tamara Vernik
Franca Vulinovic, Daniel Alvarez-Fischer, Tamara Vernik


Selection of the three most important publications within the past 5 years:

  1. Alvarez-Fischer D, Noelker C, Vulinović F, Grünewald A, Chevarin C, Klein C, Oertel WH, Hirsch EC, Michel PP, Hartmann A. Bee venom and its component apamin as neuroprotective agents in a Parkinson disease mouse model. PLoS One 18;8(4):e61700 (2013)

  2. Alvarez-Fischer D, Noelker C, Grünewald A, Vulinović F, Guerreiro S, Fuchs J, Hirsch EC, Oertel WH, Michel PP, Hartmann A. Probenecid potentiates MPTP/MPP+ toxicity by interference with cellular energy metabolism. J Neurochem 127(6):782-792 (2013)

  3. Alvarez-Fischer D, Grundmann M, Lu L, Samans B, Fritsch B, Moller JC, Schäfer MKH, Hartmann A, Oertel WH, Bandmann O. Prolonged generalized dystonia after chronic cerebellar application of kainic acid. Brain Res 1464: 82-88 (2012)

  4. Alvarez-Fischer D, Fuchs J, Castagner F, Stettler O, Massiani-Beaudoin O, Moya KL, Bouillot C, Oertel WH, Lombès A, Faigle W, Joshi R, Hartmann A, Prochiantz A. Engrailed proteins protect mouse midbrain dopaminergic neurons against mitochondrial complex I insults and regulate their physiology. Nat neuroscience 14(10): 1260-1266 (2011)

  5. Alvarez-Fischer D, Guerreiro S, Hunot S, Saurini F, Marien M, Sokoloff P, Hirsch EC, Hartmann A, Michel PP. Modelling Parkinson-like neurodegeneration via osmotic minipump delivery of MPTP and probenecid. J Neurochem 107: 701-711 (2008)

  6. Alvarez-Fischer D, Henze C, Strenzke C, Westrich J, Ferger B, Höglinger GU, Oertel WH, Hartmann A. Characterization of the striatal 6-OHDA model of Parkinson’s disease in wild type and α-synuclein-deleted mice. Exp Neurol. 210(1): 182-193 (2008)